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Your project will not only be noticed, but understood.

Sure our designs look great, but they work even better. That’s because we begin each new project with a clear understanding of our clients, their audience and their goals.

Then we craft a unique strategy to acheive and exceed those goals. Your project will not only be noticed, but understood.

C*2 builds snappy, database-driven Web sites that are a breeze to maintain. We create compelling print pieces and identity packages. And we can seamlessly integrate print with Web for efficient and effective campaigns.

People like working with us. We build partnerships, that clients rely upon, profit from and enjoy.

Westwind Alumni Magazine

Success stories

Westwind Magazine > 

We redesigned Westwind to be colorful, engaging and always interesting, producing great looking issues for several years.

Brian Paquette

What clients say

Columbia University P&S > 

Working with Chapman Cordova has been a pleasure. Their on-line editing tool made publishing in print and on the web a very simple process. We will use them again and gladly refer them to our colleagues looking for publishers.

Creatively speaking...

Joe de Lange, Redshift Creative Director > 

Like so many other digital designers born in the 70's, 8-bit computers got me into design. I wasn't a natural designer but I've always been very much into drawing. I used to play video games too. Eventually I started drawing on the computer. 16 colours on a 300x200 screen gives you an eye for detail (and teaches you how to use a grid very effectively). Many of the most beautifully detailed 8-bit games are Japanese and Japanese design in general is a big turn on. They really understand colour.